Use multiple themes on one WordPress website

Stop wasting time in the search for the perfect Theme. Mix and Match with Theme Pax.

What is ThemePax?

Theme Pax is a framework of style expansion packs for all WordPress Themes. Want to style an area of your site differently than the rest? Expand it with ThemePax. ThemePax expansion packs are available in 4 categories.

Landing Pax

Add visually different landing pages at the touch of a button, no programming required. Test your landers for better conversion rates!

Forum Pax

Want to engage your audience with a bbPress forum but aren't happy with how your theme's forum looks? Expand your theme with our beautifully styled bbPress expansion packs.

Profile Pax

Do you have a website with a lot of users. Do you want them to have pretty profile pages that they'll share? Expand your theme with our Profile expansion packs.

Custom Pax

Want something totally custom. We have expansion packs which give you a reddit style section. You can have a product hunt style listing, or even a fun game of rank the image.

Browse Theme Pax

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Feedback So Far

I am building Theme Pax down in the Bat Cave . It's almost ready and I've been having some great feedback so far on the concept.

Great idea

This is a great idea. I'm always switching themes because something isn't quite right in my current theme. Looking forward to expanding my theme.

Jane Doe Blogger
A real need

We need this. We love the WPeddit Theme but do not want to give up our current blog theme.

John Doe Blogger

Great concept. I wish you good luck. I'm looking forward to what forum skins you have available :)

Jane Doe Blogger

What will Theme Pax Cost?

The Framework itself will be free. The expansion packs will be grouped between free and premium. Premium packs will be priced from as little as $5 to $20 per expansion pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

I floated the concept behind Theme Pax in this blog post. Since then I've had some Questions. If you have any other questions you can contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.

Aren't Theme Expansion Packs just Plugins?
A great question. They are and they aren't. WordPress Plugins add functionality to a website. Theme Expansion Packs add AREAS to a website, which are themed in a custom way.
Can developers make and sell their own Theme Pax?
We hope to be able to open this up to developers who can create a theme expansion pack (such as a landing page). If this interests you I'd be very interested in speaking to you.
Why aren't the Pax all free?
Simple. I have to eat. To be able to bootstrap this project I'll need to charge for some of the theme expansion packs.
What inspired Theme Pax?
Call of Duty. I love how Call of Duty has expansion packs. Such as buying new weapons, or downloading new maps. You get to keep the great theme you already have, but can expand it with some cool new downloadable areas. :)

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